adventure awaits.

Daniel Micheli grew up in the arlberg region and knows his home mountains like no other. Together with the experienced mountain guide we offer a fine selection of weekend adventures.

A perfect chance to get out with like-minded spirits and learn about how to enjoy some good turns in a safe manner.

And of course you can also take our splitboards and snowboards out for a ride on those and other occasions as Daniel is also looking forward to guide you any other time.

We start with the splitboard exploration camp which is perfect for anyone still in the beginning stages of splitboarding or just wanting to check out this way of touring. Then go for a lift accessed quest for lines in the mighty arlberg resort and finish with a proper hut to hut traverse.

There is something for anyone and everything will happen in small groups as we want you to get the full experience and a direct support. This way you will have a great time out there and still learn a lot about the do's and dont's out there hunting for those lines and turns.

Find all the exact info on the Mountain Goat site, here, or browse their instagram feed for some impressions.

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