Konvoi holds quality in highest regards. The main reason is the ride. Of course, you can have fun on any board, but it's a plain fact that legit materials and production methods multiply it.

To make it clear, it's not about throwing in some expensive aerospace materials for the sake of it, but truly finetune a construction with elaborate and effective solutions. This way stability, weight, speed, responsiveness, pop, and most of all durability can be taken to an impressing level.

Enjoying more great adventures together is a nice side effect of boosting the durability of every board. And surely saves you quit some money along the way. But the main reason why Konvoi is constantly striving to achieve this is rather crucial. In all honesty, everyone must admit that no matter how environmentally friendly a board is crafted, mother nature doesn't remain untouched.

An enhanced durability is still the best way to minimize this harming impact in the long-term and backs up all other greener production and general efforts applied in honest and appropriate manner.

Besides very specific improvements of every model, there are some general methods used to achieve the quality Konvoi is proud of offering. All boards are pressed at moderate temperatures and in longer cycles. This ensures that the bond of the board is maximized to the full potential of its atomic structures. In combination with the use of two types of epoxy resin, the wide range of materials can really shine in full glory and withstand the diverse tortures of the wildest rides in any moment and for years to come.

And it surely doesn't stop here, it's just about getting rather technical. So please don't be fooled by the minimalistic appearance of the boards. Simply look forward to what they will offer you thanks to the efforts launched. I'm mainly referring to boards here, but the Konvoi principles are of course applied to everything that is offered now and will be offered in the future.