the all new COSA powsurfer debuts soon.

Already less than 100 days till our all new COSA 157 powsurf powertool will be available.
Here’s some of the prototypes that lead up to the final version. While we surely stuck with our main 3D base design concept, we still gave it a wholehearted redesign. Testing around 23 three dimensional base contours in relation with 9 different rocker profile lines.
And yes, everybody will profit from the fruits of these efforts, no matter if it’s your first time on a binding less powsurf board or you are hard charging snowsurfing veteran.

A very intuitive turning behaviour blended with precise control, full on vitality and easiness, incredible pop, rails that let you hang into those turns like you never thought possible sans bindings…
You gotta ride it, to believe it.

Everyone who already had a chance was hooked right away.


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