Let's face it. The great moments out there are limited.

Do they depend on an extraordinary good board? No, they don't.

Can they get better with an adequate board? Yes, indeed.

Can they get better with some great people? Oh yeah.

The snowboards offered here, opened a whole new world of riding bliss for me. Simply craving to be shared. Especially as snowboarding has always been a collective thing for me.

And always about pushing the limits of any sorts nonetheless. To live up to all this and of course the brand name itself, i decided to not limit the possible access by a high price.

To achieve this, serial Konvoi snowboards are crafted with care in a capable workshop in the czech republic and served to you via the direttissima. Straight from the Konvoi facilities to your front door.

Only this way Konvoi can offer high-quality and labour-intensive snowboards at a reasonable price. One fair price, all year long.

On top i have more capacity left to keep challenging the status quo of snowboard design and construction, refine some details that no one will ever bother about and of course, always be there if you need advice or help of any sort. Or simply spend more time out there.


PS: Customized boards of all kinds, board building workshops and special editions handmade by Ben will be offered as soon as the Konvoi workshop is in full operating state. Make sure to stay tuned.