To place an order just choose your article and click on the add to cart button. For some products, you also need to choose the colour and/or the size in a drop-down menu before. 

You can have a look at your shopping cart anytime via the “SHOPPING CART” button in the upper right corner. By clicking it you will be shown all your currently chosen articles. Of course, you can still update your cart. Just change the quantity or simple remove a picked product. To order your chosen products simply click the “CHECKOUT” button.

As a returning customer, you just click the “LOG IN” button and enter your e-mail address and password. If you need to do so, you can update your personal specifications at any time when logged in.

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In case you prefer to ship your order to another address than the invoice address, head for the “SHIP TO DIFFERENT ADRESS” button to provide a new delivery address. In your account you're able to save a collection of different addresses to match your current preferences.

Then choose your favourite way to pay. We offer to pay by paypal and paypal express which both include credit cards. Or you use the Klarna online payment solution to pay via your regular onlinebanking account.

In the “ORDER REVIEW” you can check your order before finalizing it. By clicking the “SUBMIT” button you complete your order. By doing so you accept our terms and conditions.

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