KONVOI PINTERO 183 Snowboard

KONVOI PINTERO 183 Snowboard

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Your pintail powder scorer.

Made to order in the Konvoi workshop.

Allow between 7 and 21 business days for production and delivery.

A personal pick-up from the workshop is of course also possible.


First things first. Don’t be fooled by the length. This one is agile and easy to manoeuvre.

For any other day please choose a more regular snowboard. But going out with this top dog shape on the special days will surely leave you craving for the very next dose of that fahrvergnügen.

Extra floaty, super-fast. Yet very playful and agile. This is the freedom you need when the big dump is on.

First lines and powder greatness top to bottom.

Length: 183,0
Nose Width: 31,0
Waist Width: 25,4
Tail Width: 27,5
Radius: 700,0

Ideally you are certain of your choice when placing an order. If you need further information or specific advice, feel free to get in touch with me.

Am besten ist es, wenn du bei der Bestellung voll und ganz von deiner Wahl überzeugt bist. Du kannst dich gerne jederzeit für eine individuelle Beratung, oder ausführlichere Informationen bei mir melden.

ben[at]konvoisnowboards.com +49 151 453 616 12