KONVOI Powsurf PreOrder
KONVOI Powsurf PreOrder

KONVOI Powsurf PreOrder

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Here's a preorder deal on our main powsurf shapes.

Boards sold out way faster than we thought this year and as we have to raise prices, we like to offer everyone a last chance to get their hands on one of our boards for the current price.

And yes,you're doin' us a favour by committing to a purchase this early, so definitely a win win situation.

The FAVOR 147 and COSA 157 you should know by now. The TROU 153 is  a new shape and rounds up our quiver of go to shapes. Shapes that are as versatile as it gets and the ideal option to start exploring and celebrating powsurfing with no matter how, when or where.

Simply get in touch if you are not sure yet which model fits your riding style, preferred terrain, body weight, shoe size and such best.

All three boards will be available in two designs each and you will be able to make your design choice shortly before we ship out the boards.

Offer is limited to 13 boards per model. Thanks for your support. Highly appreciated!

And yes, all Konvoi powsurf powertools come ready to ride, with tractionpads and a leash.

Shipping will happen early fall 2022.

Ideally you are certain of your choice when placing an order. If you need further information or specific advice, feel free to get in touch with me.

Am besten ist es, wenn du bei der Bestellung voll und ganz von deiner Wahl überzeugt bist. Du kannst dich gerne jederzeit für eine individuelle Beratung, oder ausführlichere Informationen bei mir melden.

ben[at]konvoisnowboards.com +49 151 453 616 12

Check the blog for upcoming opportunities to test the boards on snow and more bona fide info.