your ticket to ride.

We all know it. The days get shorter, temperature comes down and all you can think of is what will winter bring this time. And to put it plain, you will never know. No matter what long-time forecasts, global trends or rural farmer prophecies try to tell you. Of course, you still got a choice.

Besides booking a flight to some faraway powder mecca, you can simply start by setting your priorities straight. In the best case together with a bunch of friends equally addicted to get more kicks on those snow-covered mountains.

What exactly are you looking for? Hauling your snowboard over some corduroy groomers, explore remote backcountry areas with your splitboard, just jump on your powsurfer whenever you get the chance to, see what tricks you can manage over that big jump, wait for the deep days to get your powderboard out or have fun whatever the case as longs as it involves gliding down some white stuff.

In the end it really doesn’t matter, just make sure to get out there more often as time definitely flies. And as much as I like hiking, I simply don´t want to miss the days where the legs are worn out just from riding.

To make it short, I really think a season pass is a great investment to start with and besides that it helps to be flexible and not listen to weather forecasts to closely from there on.

Your winter is as good as you make it.

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