treat your equipment like you want to be treated.

Please keep calm. Of course, sometimes there are these epic days already quite early in the season. And we all long for the return of winter, but better take some time and properly check what the current status of your snowboarding equipment is.

Give it some attention and you will surely be rewarded. Just do a proper service? Better replace or fix something? How? Can you do it myself? Professional help or advice needed to get it done?

Splitboard gear with all the extra parts is prone to certain issues, so please give that stuff some extra attention and the moving parts a healthy dose of silicone spray.

And if all of that is sorted out and you gave all your unused stuff to people that have use for it, it´s time to think about equipment updates. A longer powderboard for the deep days? Finally, time to top up your quiver with a powsurfer?

I´m there if you need me and really wish us a great winter.


Rider: Ushguli Local

Picture: Ben Dietermann

Location: Ushguli, Svaneti, Georgia.

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