work together, ride together.

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A good thing about being a snowboard shaper is that you often meet other snowboard shapers. And as these kind of human beings tend to be snowboard enthusiasts by heart, there is a high chance of  sharing a few ideas and beliefs. Even better is spending some time together on the mountain or in the workshop and celebrate the shared passion for building and riding boards.

I met Reto Neiger from Zen Snowboards for the first time quite a while ago, but a few winters passed till we finally had the chance to work and ride together for the first time.

With a car full of boards, especially quite an impressive quiver of powdersurf boards i made my way to Interlaken in Switzerland. The load included two powsurf devices still waiting to be cut, finished and ridden.

In the Zen workshop we took care of the first part. Soon dust was flying and not much later those boards were ready to ride too. Next up was getting the fleet on snow. Which is not exactly a hard task in this region. Great fun those sessions together.

And as we didn't get to ride all of those boards, there will be a next time for certain.

reto neiger ben dietermann konvoi snowboards zen snowboards

Thanks for the pictures to David Birri and Petr Vecera.

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