time to get ready for the nevado.

This is a shape that i have been busy refining the last four years and now it's only a matter of days till it finally becomes available.

On the 17th of december to be exact. For the start just the 169 length as a solid snowboard and a splitboard version, but the other versions will follow soon.

More than happy to be able to announce this. Still very stoked about how this one turned out. And only now the NEVADO shape is coming to life in full effect. 

It's an agile and versatile snowboard that is as much fun to ride as it is made to perform and last. Never less than 127,9 % of Fahrvergnügen in any scenario gliding on the white so to say. 

On top the board also impressed the fine folks from the splitboarding.eu online magazineWhich should scare off the last little doubts that this one is nothing but a rad and functional shape. Read the full review here.

Or read more about the story of the NEVADO here.

Picture by Martin Grobar.

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