the konvoi winter start weekend.

les diablerets glacier 3000 konvoi snowboards freeriding

The last two seasons we started off with a collaborative weekend in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. This time we do it a bit closer. The Lenzenberghütte is where it's at. A cosy place in a nice setting close to the Riedberg pass road, right in the heart of the Allgäu region and only half an hour away from our headquarters.

Easy to reach and thankfully the pass is blessed with snow, so even if it's early in the season, some good snow fun is guaranteed. You can go to one of the resorts nearby, do some powdersurfing or touring wherever you feel like, build your own minishred line next to the hut or simply enjoy the scenery.

On sunday afternoon the one and only Bellyholefreak from Italy will play some wild and rockin' tunes for us, but besides that there is no need for a proper schedule. Just amuse yourself in good company.

Holler out to me if you want to join the fun anytime via No big costs involved, just a fee for sleeping and food will be asked.

And please feel free to contribute, if you're able to bake one hell of a chocolate cake, then please bring it on. You think we need a hula hoop competition on saturday night, then just do it.

13.-15.12. We will be there from early afternoon on.

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