the kantar is coming up!

Here you can see good and old friend Lukas Wolfer cranking out a mute stiffy in the scenic Vallee Blanche in Chamonix, France.

On this trip we tested a fine selection of prototypes of an allmountain shape that really exceeded our expectations. The shape of this snowboard model was already refined a dozen times by then, but by adding 3D features to the running base we introduced ourselves to a new level of performance and fahrvernügen.

Those 3D features were based on three dimensional elements that had proven themselvse on various bindingless powdersurf shapes before. The first attempts at such channel systems were definitely sensational in the right conditions, but by adopting a more subtle approach the design was really ready for the whole mountain.

Besides a truly stunning scenery the Chamonix area offers a wide array of riding possibilities. Thrilling alpine ascents and descents, wide open glacier fields, winding slopes with side hits en masse, slushy mogul fields, icy no fall zones and so much more to surely get your legs done. 

And of course we enjoyed a full portion of all these white delights and were simply blown away by how such small features truly add to the fun you will have in such a terrain anyway. 

As impressive it was to us, it actually seemed to impress other people we encountered on the mountain too, as they kept coming up to us as they witnessed the action and stoke wanting to know what this is all about.

Over the summer this snowboard model finally got an adequate name and the last construction details were settled. On the way to the serial production quite a few challenges had to be conquered, but by now it's only a matter of days till the KANTAR is available for everyone and i'm really stoked about this fact and look foward to share the fruits of all this efforts with you.

Of course there will be plenty of possibilities to test this and other boards on snow, no matter if you prefer a solid or splitboard version. 

See you out there.

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