In march we got something special for you.

The Siplinger Kopf is not one of the peaks you look at and are you're amazed right away. Only if you look a little closer you will discover some excellent terrain with some fine possible lines.

Still haven't counted all the couloirs up there. But they are many and they are manifold. Tight, wide, steep, mellow. It's all there ready to serve some fun and thrill.

And yes, this is a fully foot powered mission, we meet at 8 am in Balderschwang and hike from there. Everyone is welcome, no matter if you want to charge hard, take it easy or just prefer to watch the action going down.

Bring everything you need for a full day out in the mountains. There is no need for a splitboard or touring skis, but you can of course use them. For the actual session we will set a bootpack in one of the easy couloirs.

Looking forward to session this special place together.


Note: Saturday is the day, only in case of real harsh weather we might switch to sunday.

Meeting point in Balderschwang are the marked parking spots in the "Wäldle" part of the village, right before there is the turn off to the right and uphill for another village part called "Oberberg".


Picture: Ben Dietermann

Flyer Design: Lukas Prüfer

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