it's all wood inside.

Yes! There's a lot of wood inside all of the Konvoi gliding devices.

Of course it's not obvious by first sight, but the advantages are truly there.

First of all i simply love wood and am still amazed by it's manifold virtues. Originally a carpenter by trade, followed by studies to become a wood engineer, my efforts to optimize board constructions always involved this ever-fascinating raw material.

And there's a lot to it, which species works best for which construction or type of board, how can you combine the specific advantages of different wood types in a single board, or how do we actually manage to press a full-on threedimensional woodcore into a once more full-on threedimensional form like it is the case with the powdersurf boards.

As a part of this you sometimes just have to cut a freshly baked board just like this. Truly hurts, but definitely helpful to get closer to what you're aiming for.

The woodcore you can see here consists of paulownia rods glued together. It is a light and fast-growing sort of timber, harvested on plantations in portugal.

Besides my personal wood affection there are essential reasons why i most definitely prefer to only build and offer boards equipped with a woodcore.

The flexing dynamics are superb and the boards keep their flex characteristics way longer. And longer lasting boards and the use of more natural materials just do our beloved mother nature quite a favour.

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