drink water or more.

In a way it's a simple bottle. But then it's the perfect companion all year long and i definitely offer it here for a reason.

I always loved drinking pure water and of course also the spirit behind campaigns like DRINK WATER appeals to me. Nevertheless on the go it never really worked that well for me as the water got warm quickly or the bottles were bulky and not exactly good-looking. 

When i came across the stainless steel ones by FLSK i was convinced right away. And now i have one close to me everyday, no matter what i do. Getting things done in the workshop, on tour per splitboard, ripping a skate session, working on construction sites, sessioning some zone on a powdersurf misson, hanging out at some lakeside, cruising the resort on a snowboard hunting for sidehits and other worthwhile amenities.

Thankfully it also keeps your water from freezing on winter camping trips. And even so i mainly refer to using the flsk bottle as a water bottle here, you can surely use it for any other cold or hot beverage.

Just for enjoying a cold brew you still have to find another solution.


Thanks to Louisa Marie Summer for the picture which was taken on a splitboard tour in the silvretta region of austria.

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