arctic adventures await.

Spring is a good time to head north. Especially when Backyard Jürgen invites you to join an epic sailing & splitboarding trip.

You might not know Jürgen, but one thing is for certain, this fine guy does everything wholeheartedly.

He doesn't just charter a boat, no, somehow he got his hands on a 65 year old fishing vessel and currently refurbishes it with a good crew. Adding amenities like sauna and hot tub along the way.

And don't forget his motiviation to ride and look out for the best lines fo you. It will be all there. Great scenery, stunning riding, excellent food, uncommon wildlife, relaxing sauna sessions on the boat and so much more.

So no matter if you prefer to go to Iceland, Northern Nowrway, Svalbard or even Greenland, you will be in for superb good times spiced up with a good portion of adventure.

And last, but not least you can go ride some of our snow gliding devices. Splitboards for the regular touring and of course also powsurf boards whenever the conditions don't allow big missions. 

Find the full programme and details here


Or reach out to Jürgen directly:

Jürgen Haider,, +43 681 10228354,

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