a custom swallowtail snowboard...

swallowtail powdergun powderboard custom konvoi

It's always fun to build customized snowboards.

But honestly, it's even more fun when the the demand comes from somebody who really knows more than just something about a huge variety of snowboards and how they actually do ride. And on top took some time to study your boards and then reaches out to create something together. A board that really caters to the unique preferences this rider is after.

This one is a 183cm long swallow tail snowboard, based on a previously built 177 NEVADO swallow tail prototype. Longer sidecut, very mellow and long nose rocker, shortened but pronounced camber, edge channels, tough sidewall construction and so on.

Reach out, if you want also get a board tailored to your desires. Or just talk about the possible options.

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